Hi, I'm Saiyyidah (say-ee-dah)

My clients describe me as an "empathetic powerful coach and organized project manager, who thinks out of the box to get you RESULTS."

I've always been known for getting things done. At RESULTS Partners I lead a carefully curated team that enables you take your ideas and turn them into reality. It really is my superpower!  Oh, and I'm a world class author, coach, and facilitator.

I literally wrote the book on results: the method which incorporates positive psychology, project management, and personal growth! I'd love to let you get to know me better by gifting you the first chapter of RESULTS The Art and Science of Getting It Done. Click the link below so I can email it to you.



Professionally curated space to think, gain insights, and grow.


Clear systems enabling more of you to shine and get things done.


Consistency in moving forward personally and professionally.

I’ve helped thousands of people get results.

After 10 years in senior leadership in public and private sector and 10+ years coaching business owners, people in transition, and people wanting more, I developed a method to enable you to get the results you seek in a clear, systematic, easy to implement process.

Yes, plenty of other coaches are professionals, well trained, and have a whole ton of qualifications. If you have a coach you are working with I salute you and urge you to show them The RESULTS Book.

If you are looking for a coach then please know my distinction is that I have spent 25+ years working on myself, have 10+ years as a professional coach, and a list of qualifications that makes my imposter syndrome quake and shudder… and all of this so I can help you. And it will be honour to be of service to you.

Looking for results? I’ve got something for you...

See how my clients did it

"Creating freedom through planning"

Zara had a wonderful career as a medical professional. She never thought she wanted to do something different. But without processes in place to support her career and home life Zara was soon the key to everything being done and it took its toll.

"I was scared of letting go."

David worked with Saiyyidah to streamline his practices as a C suite leader. Through the coaching sessions David developed strategies for how to empower leaders in his team so that they were on target to become future leaders. 

Brendon Burchard

Bestselling Author

"Saiyyidah is incredibly dedicated to making a difference in this world. She practices what she preaches. You want to learn from someone who does hard work of growth learning themselves, and Saiyyidah is a master learner. She has distinctions and advice that can truly help you grow."

Shaa Wasmund MBE

Bestselling Author

"I've known Saiyyidah for many years and she is the one who does the work and gets it done. So it's no wonder she's written a book on the subject! She totally walks her talk ... so if you want to get more done, buying this book would be a brilliant start!"

Ayesha, London

Private Coaching Client

"Saiyyidah is stellar. A person I trust.  Shall I start with the energy, drive, focus, momentum, motivation I experience in our sessions, or the milestones I am covering in true Grand Prix style?! It's an honour to work with you Saiyyidah, you are an inspiration to me, a true professional and one of the best decisions I have made."


Get RESULTS! The first book using an evidence-based, wellbeing-focused, and heart-centred approach  bring together the best of project management, positive psychology and personal growth so you get consistent, predictable results while you flourish and thrive. Easy to read and implement. 5* Reviews on Amazon.

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Saiyyidah says "I’m a Londoner born and bred. Had a lemonade stall at the age of 8, before running an actual market stall in Camden Market, London selling home made T shirts and rings. That was all before I went down the route of a traditional career (because I knew nothing else). After 10 years working in the public and private sector leading major regeneration projects I decided to live life on my terms. Since 2010 I have been working as a business coach, online trainer and facilitator and having a whole load of fun! 

In the last 10 years we managed to travel the world, swim in the Indian Ocean, drive the Route 66 and eat Chinese food in China!  Like you, we are now working from home, homeschooling, and trying to navigate the unknown!
I want to help you to pause, reflect; make progress; and live purposefully. Where ever you are in your journey let me help you move forward."