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"Saiyyidah Zaidi is incredibly dedicated to making a difference in this world. She practices what she preaches. You want to learn from someone who does hard work of growth learning themselves, and Saiyyidah is a master learner. She has distinctions and advice that can truly help you grow."

— Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

"Saiyyidah is focused, thorough, and everything she does is amazing. In RESULTS she shares her unique perspective on getting things done, her method and system. Saiyyidah provides you with a clear picture on what it takes to accomplish your goals. This is a great guide to making it happen and getting the right things done.”

— Ajit Nawalkha, Co-Founder Evercoach by Mindvalley

Welcome Friend,

Hi, I'm Saiyyidah (say-ee-dah) and I wrote RESULTS The Art and Science of Getting It Done during the lockdown in 2020. I did this because I have had three periods of six months where I have felt lost (1- after a car accident where I almost died; 2- after I left my role as director in local government; 3- as I was living the dream traveling around the world with my family). When the impact of 2020 started to become clear I decided that it was time to take a different approach.

If you've had enough of settling for things in life and want to live each day where you are excited about your tasks, priorities, goals, and visions then this is one of the most important books you'll ever read.

Here's why:

Many of us are settling in life, we know we want more but are not sure of how to get it. This has only increased with the impact of lockdown and covid.

We have hopes, dreams, and ambitions- sometimes they are in your head, other times they are beautifully formed plans which remain on your shelf or in the drawer.

You know you owe it to yourself to get more out of life, yes you were absolutely made for more, but you have no tangible idea of how to turn that ambition into reality.

If you can relate to any of the above then you are exactly the person I wrote this book for.

So let's focus on the good news...

Yes, You Really Can Create A Life Where You Are Moving Forward With The Projects That Are Important to You, And Do It In Line With Your Intention, Identity, and Integrity! I Know...

Just how difficult it is if you don't have an effective strategy to respond to self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fixed mindset and any of the other Showstoppers that prevents you from having your dream.

I know how frustrating it is when you're overwhelmed and confused with all the strategies out there and you're tired of spending your time and money without getting the results you want...

And I know how disappointing it is when you discover that the the 'method' or 'process' is not as easy as you've been told.

I know this because I've experienced it all myself, and I've helped hundreds of people like you create and implement plans in strategic alignment with their vision and values over the last decade... And I wrote this book so that YOU can do the same.

RESULTS: The Art and Science of How to Get It Done will help you:

  • Make progress by having clarity on your daily tasks, weekly priorities, monthly moves, and quarterly plan by showing you the process and providing you with templates to know your vision as if it is your best friend.
  • Figure out which of the 10 Time Blocks integrates best in your personal life circumstances so that you have an actionable game plan. And finally beat the day-to-day chaos that sometimes exists, so you move forward and create tangible results that you live and breathe.
  • Use positive psychology interventions strategically in your life so that you have a genuine gratitude practice (takes a few minutes), learn the power of unleashing your mindset, and activate your energy.
  • Lead yourself so you know how to step into your role as a servant leader and project leader (I know this may sound daunting right now, but the process I share with you makes it easy and possible).
  • Get rid of the overwhelm and confusion once and for all, building a sustainable lifestyle that supports your life purpose instead of eating up all your time, energy and resources
  • Finally create the lifestyle of freedom and abundance you deserve... whilst focusing on your passion and the thing you do best: show up and get busy with life!

Are You Ready to Stop Settling, and Claim Your Success and Freedom By Creating Your Personal RESULTS System?

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Get a sneak peak of the Amazon International #1 Bestselling book now!

Meet the author of RESULTS

Saiyyidah Zaidi is a Positive Psychologist, Fellow of the Association for Project Management, Certified Business Coach, Certified High Performance Coach, and Xchange Facilitator. A former Architect who left her job as Project Director in Local Government to set up her own consultancy and coaching practice. Saiyyidah has two Masters with Distinction in Applied Positive Psychology and Construction Economics and Management; and is currently reading for a professional doctorate. Based in London, UK, Saiyyidah lives with her husband, two kids, and Tiger the cat.

"I've known Saiyyidah for many years and she is the one who does the work and gets it done. So it's no wonder she's written a book on the subject! She totally walks her talk ... so if you want to get more done, buying this book would be a brilliant start!"

— Shaa Wasmund MBE, International Bestselling Author

“Saiyyidah is a constant student of life and business. Her greatest gift is making the complex simple! The wide range of deep learning she has in positive psychology, project management, personal growth, and business results is the basis for a great experience. I know Saiyyidah will help you move forward. Saiyyidah doesn’t just suggest the possibility of taking your ideas and making them a reality, she shows you how.”

— Ethan Willis, #1 New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Roundsquare Ventures

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of What You’ll Find In RESULTS…

This is not a book with vague theories and philosophies. It’s a practical, pragmatic guide you can come back to again and again. It includes specific structures, methods, and tools you can consistently use to establish your RESULTS rhythm and create a lived experience full of joy, integrity, and progress.

  • Say goodbye to the doubt and uncertainty that you sometimes face when working on change (phase 1).
  • Learn how to reach beyond your current circumstances (page 23).
  • You don’t need to spend weeks and months to ‘understand yourself’! Just add these 3 ingredients to your toolkit and you will know your vision and know how to come back to it every single day! The EVOLVE phase (page 64) will show you how to embark on the adventure of creating and living your vision, for real.
  • Focus on your capacity and capability so you move forward in line with where you are right now, while looking into the future (page 108)
  • Create your Project3x3 in 5 steps by picking the right projects for you to work on. You will leverage your innate superpowers to create extraordinary results and avoid bore out and burnout (page 128)
  • A super simple way to create a project plan that will get you motivated and hold you accountable… Even if you hate numbers, spreadsheets, and organization! (page 201)
  • Learn about the 10 different time blocks and how to use them to serve you so that you really get things done without stress or anxiety. 24 hours or 24 minutes? (page 253)
  • Worried about neglecting the things that are important? The LEAD phase (page 267) will show you how to manage yourself, your projects, and others with ease and flow while empowering others to do the same. And do it in a way that aligns with who you want to be as a leader (even when it is in service of others)
  • Say goodbye to frustration and say hello to fulfillment and thriving by using The 3 Environments Frameworks (page 289) so you can powerfully and positively navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world we live in while keeping calm!
  • Get the truth about flourishing long-term success to help you to guarantee achievement by knowing how to review and reset your goals, rest, and revitalize (3R’s) resulting in an incredible authentic lived experience at work and home (page 147)

Are You Ready to Get It Done & Live A Life Of Achievement In Alignment With Who You Are, And What You Stand For?

Get a sneak peak of the Amazon International #1 Bestselling book now!

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Who is Saiyyidah Zaidi?

Interview with Dr Kakhshan Ali

What is it that people should do once they've taken the decision to move forward?

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You talk about the 3 P's - psychology, physical and people - can you elaborate?

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What Others Say...

“I suspect there are actually several Saiyyidah’s – how can one person achieve all she has already?! I admire her thirst for learning, and her generosity in sharing it, without ego or attachment. I still remember the impact of her guidelines on how to support a colleague in the workplace during Ramadan: they were clear, warm, very practical and supportive, and I’m sure must have made a difference to many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. Just like Saiyyidah herself.”

— Anne Scoular, Founder, Meyler Campbell and author of The FT Guide to Business Coaching

“Saiyyidah gets things done and makes things happen. I’ve known her for over a decade, and she is one of the best people I have ever worked with. Saiyyidah is deeply reflective, has great values and is one of the top action takers I know. Spend time with her and that great approach will rub off on you too.”

— Muhammad Alshareef, Founder, DiscoverU and AlMaghrib Institute

"Results is not fluff, it is science-based principles broken down easily. Even the reminders on how to check emails and use the different time blocks was a great refresher. People who read this will leave with so much value, this!"

— Dr Neeta Bushan, co-founder Global Grit Institute
What made you write the book?

Interview with Yusuf Chowdhury on 28th October 2020

What changes do you hope the book will inspire in others?

Interview with Charly Caldwell II on 28th October 2020

What is the RESULTS Method?

Interview with Irina Shehovosov on 27th October 2020

Who is Saiyyidah Zaidi?

Interview with Dr Kakhshan Ali on 18th October 2020

“Saiyyidah has a remarkable talent for combining deep learning across an impressive range of subjects with an ability to generate practical, action-focused ideas and solutions. A highly original thinker, in RESULTS, she brings together her expertise in project management, coaching and positive psychology to help you achieve your goals. Readers of this book will benefit hugely from the author’s insights and the techniques, models and tips gathered from her years of experience as a coach and as a senior leader in the public sector. Written with clarity, compassion and an eye to a successful outcome, anyone looking to achieve meaningful personal growth will get something valuable from RESULTS”

— Liz Gooster, Business Coach, Partner, The Alliance

“Saiyyidah Zaidi is a remarkable individual with an amazing back story and a tremendous depth of experience, all of which she brings to bear in this excellent book. Saiyyidah is a thought leader whose wisdom and insights deserve a wider hearing”

— Professor Anthony Reddie, Centre for Religion and Culture, University of Oxford

"Saiyyidah is a brilliant coach who sees problems with a unique lens and amazes me with her insights and solutions every time. "

—Fouzia Usman, Sr Oracle Applications Engineer

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