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How I Work...

I’m a professional, certified, qualified coach and facilitator with 5 degrees (and counting!).  I share with you because I take coaching seriously. At the age of 36 I was one of the youngest in the country to be appointed as a Director in Local Government. I know about how stop being stuck in the fog, to clearly articulate a goal and then make it happen!

I graduated from Meyler Campbell 's Business Coach program in 2010, where I have been a Faculty member since 2020. I’m also a Certified High Performance Coach (2nd cohort), trained by Brendon Burchard, Founder of High Performance Institute.  In addition I have multiple certifications in leadership development, coaching, positive psychology and project management. I became a coach because it was coaching that helped me fast-track my career while prioritizing my family life so that I could  live up to my desire to live intentionally, be content, and aim for excellence. 

I bring a diverse range expertise and experience to provide bespoke coaching which is psychologically safe, progress oriented (which sometimes means pausing to reflect on life), and takes account of your capacity and capability. This is RESULTS Coaching, where you life on your terms.

We will come up with a clear approach for coaching that takes account of where you are now and where you want to be (using The Capacity and Capability Model). Utilizing evidence-based and heart-centred strategies you will create a plan so that you are able to take a holistic approach to your day, week, month, quarter.

You may be a successful career professional, new entrepreneur, a stay at home parent, student or someone looking for personal and professional growth - my job is to hold a space for you to think, reflect, and by asking the right question enable you to have insights, reduce your blind spots, and make the progress you seek in life. 

By working with me you will make more informed decisions, understand yourself (and others) more, and create and live the life you want.

What People Say...

AM, Healthy Lifestyle Professional

California, USA

"I highly recommend Sayyidah for those who seek clarity and motivation in life in seeking a higher version of themselves. Saiyyidah has an amazing way of making complicated issues seems so simple and helps you find the solutions to your challenges. I have worked with many coaches and counselors before, but Saiyyidah has been the best

ASM, Coach, Mum, Entrepreneur

London, UK

"Saiyyidah is stellar. A person I trust.  Shall I start with the energy, drive, focus, momentum, motivation I experience in our sessions, or the milestones I am covering in true Grand Prix style?! It's an honour to work with you Saiyyidah, you are an inspiration to me, a true professional and one of the best decisions I have made."

CEO and Founder, Pharma-Tech Co

London, UK

"Saiyyidah is very focused and gets the job done in the best way for those she works with.  She is extremely valuable in any team and is one of the best motivators I have come across. Saiyyidah is able to teach a lot of content in a very efficient short space of time that is actually useable and can be implemented without too much difficulty."

High Performance Coaching

How would it feel to finally take the action you've been dreaming about, waking up every morning inspired and energized to go to work? What if you could gain crystal clarity on your life's purpose, and finally go after it with gusto? What would it feel like to take your business from floundering to flourishing in just a few months?

High Performance Coaching is the coaching methodology used by FTSE and Fortune 50 CEOs and C-suite executives, celebrities, as well as entrepreneurs, students, stay at home parents, homeschoolers, and people like you.  Find out how to arrange a call with Saiyyidah.

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Business Coaching

We believe that if you are looking for business coaching you are ahead of the curve in your career or business. Everyone needs coaching, not everyone wants it. By exploring options for business coaching you are demonstrating that you are serious about your career and prospects. Saiyyidah is a certified business coach with over 10 years experience in senior leadership and 10+ years as a business coach. 

She has worked with partners in law firms and professional service firms, supported those on partner track, health professionals, doctoral students, entrepreneurs, and stay at home parents transitioning to a new phase in life. 

Find out more about business coaching with Saiyyidah. 

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RESULTS Revolution (Group Coaching Program) 

Otherwise known as 'The Year of RESULTS, The RESULTS Revolution is a 12 month journey where you  move to setting for the very best and unlock all the potential that is within you. By using Saiyyidah's unique Capability and Capacity Model whatever your circumstances in life you will pause, plan, and make progress.

Let Saiyyidah show you how to reach beyond and discover your show stoppers, be guided through live group coaching where gain clarity on your values, leadership style, how to utilize time, learn to thrive and flourish, and develop your own bespoke RESULTS system. All under the live guidance, support, and group coaching of Saiyyidah, the creator of The RESULTS Method.

The RESULTS Revolution includes:

| 90-minute planning session (every quarter)  | 60 minute group coaching sessions every month (plus Q&A) Weekly accountability check-ins  | Unlimited support a private members area Welcome gift |

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Single Coaching Session 

After 10 years in the coaching industry Saiyyidah is opening up the opportunity for single coaching sessions. These 90 minute sessions are often used by coaching clients to problem solve, work through an issue, create a plan, or just explore different perspectives on things. 

Saiyyidah's vast experience in coaching will ensure that a psychologically safe space is created for you, and you recieve world class coaching during which you will gain insights and clarity on the topic you bring for coaching, gain confidence, and leave with a plan. 

To book this please complete the application and we will contact you within 48 hours (subject to suitability and availability).

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Pause, Plan, Progress with the right Process. That is RESULTS.


Ever spent more time than you care to think about trying to learn a skill or solve a problem online? Ever bought several books or courses and still felt like you haven't moved forward? Ever realized that you don't have the time or know all to work it out by yourself?

I know, I've been there too.

After I left my role as a director of a $500m project I decided to become a business coach because it was coaching that helped me to make progress more effectively in my career and home. Many of our clients have clear goals that they want to work on, others are looking for guidance on getting the clarity in the first place. Others have a problem that they want to solve. What is common in all of the people we work with is that they are serious about wanting more, making progress and are ready to do the work. They just need someone to help them create some space for thinking, reflecting, and looking though a different lens. 

Our coaching, teaching, and facilitation model is based around the RESULTS framework bringing together positive psychology and the science of wellbeing, project management and personal growth.

Reach beyond

Evolve into your best self

Select the right 3 projects

Utilize your time

Lead yourself, your schedule, in service

Thrive in physical, psychological and people environments

Succeed by flourishing.

We work with you one-to-one or in groups and enable you to gain invaluable insights, clarity, and leave with a plan that you will implement. This is where our coaching is different- with our implementation approach you will take action and move forward, guaranteed! 

I believe...

"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence ― It is to act with yesterday’s logic." Professor Peter Drucker

"... everyone needs a coach."  Chairman and CEO of Google Eric Schmidt 

“I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.” Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"I want to see everyone in my circle grow. It doesn't matter to me if you are family, a client, or on my mailing list. My purpose in life is to support you to take your potential and see the possibilities and turn that into performance." Saiyyidah Zaidi, author of RESULTS, and founder of Results Partners

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