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Save thousands of dollars to access and learn and grow in a committed community. No fluff, no padding, just awesome interventions and incredible insights at every single session.  from world-class personal growth experts, LIVE! Pause, Plan, and Progress so you are flourishing, thriving and growing all year long!

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I'd like to teach you HOW I DO EVERYTHING.

I will show you how to pause, plan, and progress. #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. Left my 6 figure a year job. Set up a 6 figure business. Raised 2 kids (homeschooled before the pandemic!). Travelled the world while running my business for 5 years. And so much more..

The RESULTS Program teaches you how to pause and reflect, plan properly, progress at a pace that fits with your capacity and capability. So that you flourish and thrive like a pro... even if you're just beginning in your journey.

—Meet Your New Coach, Saiyyidah Zaidi—


Do you know the method and process that you need to pause, plan and progress at work, rest, and play? This is how to START, SCALE AND SUCCEED!

Join The RESULTS Revolution and you'll learn:

  • What is the way to stop settling for mediocrity, second best, or someone else's agenda?
  • What implementation strategies improve your clarity fastest?
  • How do you tell what to work on now and next?
  • What are the options for how you utilize time.
  • What can you do to become a more effective leader and HOW?
  • How do you flourish and thrive in congruence with your situation and circumstances?
  • Which time management strategies work best, and which should you avoid?
  • Why is the project 3x3 so effective, and how do you create it so you have increased clarity?
  • How do you find the time to pause and plan?
  • Which positive psychology, project management, and personal growth techniques really work to enable you to implement and make progress NOW?
  • How do you become your own accountability partner and leverage support?
  • When does a 1 year plan work better than a 5 year one? 
  • When do I lead, serve, or support?
  • How do I know what to plan for a quarter, month, week, or day?
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Here Is What You Get Today...

Join RESULTS Revolution at ANY LEVEL and you get a 7-day crash course on the RESULTS GPS (and then weeks of training depending on your subscriber level!):

  • IMMEDIATE access to my $500 course, RESULTS Roadmap! This lays out my entire RESULTS strategy and approach to architecting a lifestyle (work, home, play) and then making it happen. PRICELESS.

  • Day 2 UNLOCKED: "How You Should and Shouldn't Schedule" 

  • Day 3 UNLOCKED: "The RESULTS Leader Integrated Model"

  • Day 4 UNLOCKED: "How Real RESULTS Boundaries." 

  • Day 5 UNLOCKED: "Secrets of Succeeding" and "5 Worst Mistakes in Flourishing and How to Avoid Them."

  • Day 6 UNLOCKED: "The Capability and Capacity Model Unpacked"

  • Day 7 UNLOCKED: My secret "The Art of Evolution" class teaching you how to discover your values, strengths and communication styles!


  1. You get me, one of the best trained and experienced coaches in the world, LIVE every month teaching you my latest RESULTS strategies.

  2. Members qualify to receive 2 Tuition Waivers to RESULTS Revolution Live Summit 2021 (Usually $600!)

  3. More courses and IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING UNLOCKED depending on your Member level!

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"I've known Saiyyidah for many years and she is the one who does the work and gets it done."

— Shaa Wasmund MBE, International Bestselling Author

“I know Saiyyidah will help you move forward. Saiyyidah doesn’t just suggest the possibility of taking your ideas and making them a reality, she shows you how.”

— Ethan Willis, #1 New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Roundsquare Ventures

“Saiyyidah Zaidi is incredibly dedicated to making a difference in this world.She has distinctions and advice that can truly help you grow."

— Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

From Saiyyidah:

"We've always wanted more time and more clarity. Last year, we were at home and had more time but...

... I noticed a HUGE AND OBVIOUS PROBLEM..."

Hi, I'm Saiyyidah,

And I have a question for you...

Why don't YOU know how to pause so that you can stop and look at the landscape before you plan and progress?

Why are so many others moving forward in projects but FAILING to live authentically and with integrity?

Obviously, there's a TON of people out there who are making an incredible amount of progress and flourishing.

You see all them all the time - people who slowed down before they moved forward, increase impact, transition into different careers and roles, and live in alignment with who they are..

But VERY FEW people know how to become the project manager and positive psychologist in their own lives.

Most people don't even know where to begin because they don't have a complete awareness of what their own personal landscape looks like. 

Most don't even know how to PAUSE. 

So they spend years being busy or settling just because they don't have what I could have taught them in a few days or weeks.

If you have ever struggled with this please pay attention.

You have a desire and determination to live a life of intention, contentment, and excellence, right? 

So why don't YOU have more satisfaction with life, or more progress?

Why aren't you creating a plan that you will actually implement, using your time more effectively, being more of a leader to the people who you can impact? 

After everything you have been through don't you think you deserve to take the time to discover what you really want to achieve in life? To progress in life at a pace where you are doing it with grit and grace? 

I do. I think it's time you take this SERIOUSLY before you get to the end of your life and have regrets. 

You deserve to flourish and thrive, and live a life where you are genuinely succeeding on a continual basis. 

And YOU know deep down that you DESERVE to take your IDEAS and IMPLEMENT on them, right?

So what's wrong?

The issue is NOT desire or even skillset.


The REAL ISSUE is that YOU DON'T HAVE A CLEAR PROCESS that is based on creating a pause, plan, and progress.

You haven't been taught the roadmap. And you don't have a coach or mentor teaching you what's working every month, checking in with you, holding a space for you because it is essential that you make progress forward, not standing still or moving backwards accidentally. 

It is true, isn't it?

Too often, you don't know WHERE to focus.

You don't know HOW to get the ideas out of your head into real life implementation. 

You don't know what to put on your schedule, how to prioritize  your projects, what to say no to, which projects you put on hold (and how all that works!).

You don't know what to DO -- Monday through Friday -- to gain REAL MOMENTUM growing your progress and creating impact in your personal and professional life.

You don't know which time block to start using,  and you don't know which boundaries are sacred. 


Maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong thing and making mistakes...

.... and that's okay.


  • It's SMART to want to pause in order to get the results you want...
  • It's SMART to care about the people you lead and serve...
  • It's SMART to schedule properly and take time out to do just that...
  • It's SMART to care about your integrity, values, and communication style so that you are evolving into your best self and utilising your potential every single day.

If you agree with this, then I know you can ALSO AGREE that it's SMART to get GREAT TRAINING from someone who has a proven track record. From someone who wrote the book on RESULTS. Someone who saw that people in personal and professional development remain stuck.... and then decided to do something about it by researching and creating The RESULTS Method based on science, wellbeing, and implementation research.

It's smart to want a mentor who started with nothing, had to get over their own showstoppers in order to reach beyond, learned how to be on that continuous journey of evolution, select the right three projects taking account of capability and capacity, utilizing time effectively, leading her schedule, others, and herself, thriving in the three environments, and succeeding in order to flourish. 

You need someone who has worked with individuals one-to-one, in groups, and helped businesses to pause, plan and progress, with an effective process. 

This is a time for a new beginning, your new beginning.  Here We Grow! 

Today, I'm here to show you that your coach, mentor, and facilitator can be me. That I've done these things. And that I can help YOU.

That's why I'm inviting you to join my RESULTS Revolution.

Increase your capacity, bring more joy into your life, and PLAN to make PROGRESS by doing it RIGHT. 

Do yourself this incredible favor and save YEARS of mistakes.

Just signup today. Cancel if you don't love it.


There's a better way to make progress and take charge of your life.

Isn't it time you learn from someone who does this every day, who gets it, who is respected, who trains others to do the same? 

Isn't that wort it? Try out the RESULTS Revolution and if you don't love the training, just cancel your subscription. If you love it, stay with me every month as I share you my latest RESULTS strategies, and let me unlock thousands of dollars worth of project management, personal development and personal growth training for you.

It's your time to master this stuff. Don't get left behind. Learn to be your own positive psychologist. Become the project manager in your life.  Make the progress that you yearn for.

It's your time.

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- Meet Your New Coach and Mentor - 
Literally The "One Who Wrote The Book On RESULTS!"

  • You probably don't know that Saiyyidah is 'go-to' person that people and companies turn to when they are ready to do deep work with ease. Entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop their leadership teams, to help stay at home parents so that they can have clearer boundaries and more focus, to people in transition who do not want to do next. (Full disclaimer: Saiyyidah did *not* want people to know or ask about this at the beginning, but with people sharing the impact of the work that Saiyyidah leads here we are!) Why do individuals and organisations who are already doing well call on Saiyyidah to help them? Because it is essential to their learning and growth
  • Saiyyidah's RESULTS Method has been given rave reviews by Ajit Nawalkha (co-founder of Mindvalley), Brendon Burchard (author of High Performance Habits), Shaa Wasmund MBE (best selling author and recognized by the Queen for her contribution to business in the UK),  Ethan Willis (exceptionally successful business owner in America) , Dr Neeta Bushan (7 figure dentist and co-founder of Global Grit Institute) and so many more. 

  • Private clients pay $30,000+ per year to work with Saiyyidah. You can get her best results insights right now by joining the RESULTS Revolution.

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Can Anyone Do This?

From Saiyyidah:

People tell me that I have achieved a great deal in my life. I feel blessed. But I also don't feel I did anything special. 

I just had a clear process that is easy to replicate, and I love helping others to follow their passions, to live life on their terms, so that they can spend time doing the things they enjoy with the people they love.

Several points in my life I've had to be very strategic. Like when I wanted to study architecture at university, or when I wanted to get married, leave my 6 figure director (c-suite) job, when I had to recover from a car accident that almost took my life. When I had to pivot my business (like so many others had to as a result of the pandemic). 

Like anyone else, I had to STEP BACK and LEARN how to PAUSE to reflect, how to PLAN effectively, and then to PROGRESS through implementation.

The issue is it took me 10 YEARS to figure all that out! 


I'm going to shorten YOUR learning curve!

Don't worry - it's okay if you are just starting. It's also okay if you already started but don't yet know how to get the results you seek.

It's my JOB to teach you how. 

All you need is the DESIRE to make progress I'll teach you the rest.

I've already figured this out the hard way.

I've read '000's of research papers, '00's of books, spent several '000 hours working it out. 

Now I'm making it simple for you to START right NOW!

Look, no other coach in the world is world class in coaching, project management and personal growth. Having the project management tools means I can move you from idea to implementation, like I did. This is how I wrote an Amazon no 1 International Bestselling book in less than 1 month. This is how I planned to move my family so we could live the 'laptop lifestyle.' This is how I pivoted my  business in covid. 

I know every challenge that can come up, every nuance that might happen, every curve ball that can come your way... 

I know which approaches are best for your circumstances. gets impact, which time blocks to use for which scenario, how to plan for the moment and for the future.

Because I this myself for 20+ years, and have been working with individuals to do this one-to-one.

In the RESULTS Revolution I unload everything I know about this industry.

I teach you easy-to-understand frameworks and strategies that are the best practices in personal growth, wellbeing, and project management.. 

No matter who you are... you gotta know that you MUST PAUSE AND PLAN in order to PROGRESS so that you can't get left behind right now!

No matter what your situation is, no matter your experience, this program shows you what to do and what strategies are working.

Worried it won't work?

Not sure about yourself?

That's why you can try it and cancel anytime!

I want you test me out!

Check member levels and join!

Why Spend 10 Years (and hundreds and thousands of dollars of testing and researching like I have) to figure this out on your own? Let me help you do this RIGHT, and now!

Look, in the past most of us said we don't have time. Now you have the time, you may not have the focus to have clarity. And if you have clarity, you may not have the process.

This is NOT the year you want to get left behind. in your dreams and ambitions for your life. The world is no longer what it was before March 2020. 

That's why I put this together. Sure, I can continue working on my own projects and make progress there. But I want to ensure that you are moving forward in your life too. It just doesn't feel right not to share this with you.

So why do this? I realize that people need tactical information RIGHT NOW to get clarity, know who they are, and use their capacity and capability in the most effective way ASAP

What you will learn is INCREDIBLE. And I will show you how to IMPLEMENT. 

This is not a learn, learn, and learn program. We do not need any more of those!

With the RESULTS Revolution, you learn and apply, all within the same session. 

In the past, organizations have paid me $13,000 for a 2 hour training on these topics!

So why not let me mentor and coach you?

Why not join and just CHECK  OUT RESULTS REVOLUTION?

If you don't love it, cancel anytime.

You could spend 10 years and millions of dollars learning and testing random strategies and ideas, or you can LEARN from someone who has done it.

Obviously, I don't know you (yet), so by law there is no guarantee I can make that you will achieve the results but I know that when you apply this process and do it consistently  you move forward in life. Hundreds of others have done it too! Besides, it's not about comparison because every personal person is DIFFERENT. But that's EXACTLY why I let you and you can cancel anytime - to TEST ME OUT.

If you don't think I'm the best RESULTS Mentor and Coach then cancel. And you still got to see over $1,000 worth of training in your first month! At least now you'll know some of the options available to you and have some plans!

RESULTS Revolution Options




Per Month

RESULTS Monthly Group Coaching with Saiyyidah. No matter where you are and what cadence of progress you seek, Saiyyidah will guide you in LIVE monthly group sessions on 1st, 15th and last day of the month. 

  • Live group training and coaching with Saiyyidah where she will guide you through an experience related to different elements of The RESULTS Method. 
  • Monthly open Q&A where you can ask anything related to RESULTS.
  • Weekly implementation sessions.
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$997 (save $1164)

Per Year

Save $167 per year based on the monthly cost, PLUS get the additional benefits of The RESULTS Program.

Get The RESULTS Rhythm: Group Monthly Coaching  + The RESULTS Program. 

Includes all The RESULTS Monthly benefits PLUS:  

  • A 7 week virtual training (value $997) program teaches you how to pause to take stock and create your personal GPS based on who you are, create a plan that you will implement on, and how to progress... even when life is complicated, you are not sure where to start, or you've already said yes to too much! 
  • BONUS Live group RESULTS Planning sessions every 90 days.
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RESULTS Mastered

$1997 (save $2161)

Per Year

Includes ALL the program benefits of RESULTS Monthly and RESULTS Rhythm, PLUS The RESULTS Mastered Advanced Program.

  • This extra 6 week online training (value $1997) is the MOST ADVANCED IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING combining neuroscience, wellbeing, behavioural science, and self care to provide you with a nuanced understanding and implementation plan for how you can get the results you want personally and professionally.
  • BONUS Quarterly Planning Sessions
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What Others Say...

“I suspect there are actually several Saiyyidah’s – how can one person achieve all she has already?! I admire her thirst for learning, and her generosity in sharing it, without ego or attachment. I still remember the impact of her guidelines on how to support a colleague in the workplace during Ramadan: they were clear, warm, very practical and supportive, and I’m sure must have made a difference to many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. Just like Saiyyidah herself.”

— Anne Scoular, Founder, Meyler Campbell and author of The FT Guide to Business Coaching

“Saiyyidah gets things done and makes things happen. I’ve known her for over a decade, and she is one of the best people I have ever worked with. Saiyyidah is deeply reflective, has great values and is one of the top action takers I know. Spend time with her and that great approach will rub off on you too.”

— Muhammad Alshareef, Founder, DiscoverU and AlMaghrib Institute

"Results is not fluff, it is science-based principles broken down easily. Even the reminders on how to check emails and use the different time blocks was a great refresher. People who read this will leave with so much value, this!"

— Dr Neeta Bushan, co-founder Global Grit Institute

“Saiyyidah has a remarkable talent for combining deep learning across an impressive range of subjects with an ability to generate practical, action-focused ideas and solutions. A highly original thinker, in RESULTS, she brings together her expertise in project management, coaching and positive psychology to help you achieve your goals. Readers of this book will benefit hugely from the author’s insights and the techniques, models and tips gathered from her years of experience as a coach and as a senior leader in the public sector. Written with clarity, compassion and an eye to a successful outcome, anyone looking to achieve meaningful personal growth will get something valuable from RESULTS”

— Liz Gooster, Business Coach, Partner, The Alliance

“Saiyyidah Zaidi is a remarkable individual with an amazing back story and a tremendous depth of experience, all of which she brings to bear in this excellent book. Saiyyidah is a thought leader whose wisdom and insights deserve a wider hearing”

— Professor Anthony Reddie, Centre for Religion and Culture, University of Oxford

"Saiyyidah is a brilliant coach who sees problems with a unique lens and amazes me with her insights and solutions every time. "

—Fouzia Usman, Sr Oracle Applications Engineer